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About the Project

Global Musical Dialogue

With the concept ‘Bridge Between Cultures’, we want to connect cultures with each other through a unique musical experience. That way we can create something special together and learn from all the different cultures. We do this by connecting Belgian artists with local artists and choirs from foreign cities, through workshops, masterclasses and rehearsals, with a final presentation in a famous (Unesco) venue.
The concept has already been experienced in Central- and North Europe, which was also focussed on innovation and sustainability. This benefits the European countries as well as the culture itself. Positively we created a framework, creatively and logistically, where we can easily implement this concept in other cities and

Our project aims to create a seamless fusion of music and technology, bridging the gap between different cultures and musical styles. Through innovative collaborations, we seek to promote cultural exchange and push the boundaries of artistic expression.

Originating from a passion for music and diversity, our project has had a profound impact on both performers and audiences alike. By showcasing the talents of local guest artists and incorporating 3D visuals, we create a mesmerizing experience that transcends borders and unites people through the universal language of music.


Multi-sensory musical fusion

The world is changing constantly, which means that all sectors, especially the music sector, faces challenges, where flexibility and innovative thinking is a necessary act. We are already noticing a change in the mentality of organizers and management teams about touring with a small or larger orchestra and choir. Often they feel the need to cancel their tours due to an increased amount of travel costs. Below you can find a concrete example why it’s important to figure out this new way
of thinking. The UK band ‘Easy Life’ planned an American Tour, but they were forced to cancel their tour due to the soaring costs of traveling.Despite all the efforts of the group to reduce the costs, it still wasn’t possible to go on with touring. This is just the latest in a growing list of artists who have been forced to cancel live dates due to rising costs. This is affecting the mental health of the band, as well as the fans who purchased tickets. That’s why it’s about time to implement a different way of thinking. Our concept provides an answer to this very large problem. By connecting and working with artists from the host country, the transport costs are reduced to a bare
minimum. This also has a positive effect on climate change in a continuous attempt to reduce the CO2 emissions.


A Multi-Sensory Art Experience 

Experience an immersive live event where the piano dialogues with electronics, live musicians, 3D visuals & local guest artists, connecting countries!


Collaborative Creation

Explore the inital stage of our art project where we bring together talented artists from differnt countries.


Artistic Interpretation 

Experience the powerful blend of live musicianship, electrifying visuals, and local guest artists' unique expressions.


Concept Development

Delve into the creative process, as artists and musicians collaborate to shape the vision of the performance 


Technological Innovation

Witness the integration of cutting-edge technology and live music to create a unique multimedia experience 


Worldwide Connection

Celebrate the culmination of our project as it connects individuals from different cultures and countries through art.

Bulgaria - Ancient Theatre Plovdiv

Belgium - Unesco Creative City Ghent

100 year celebration Diplomacy Belgium - Budapest

Bulgaria - Unesco City Gabrovo 

Sweden - Unesco Creative City Norrkoping

Bulgaria - Congress Festival Centre Varna

Our team

Meet the creative Trio

We operate from our headquarters in Belgium, together with our experienced team, where inclusion and diversity are very important is for us. 

Also in every project that we encage we stay true to those values.

Daniel Verstappen


Beth Georgiou

Communication manager

Georgi Georgiev

Creative director


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